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Cutting-Edge Somatic Research meets Intuitive Practice

The Institute of Applied Somatics® is a training school and research hub that blends 40+ years of collaborative research in anatomy with best practices in dreamtime journeying.


Our method is based on university-level psychology study, PhD-backed somatic work, decades of experience in anatomy & movement, and intuitive dream practices that connect changes in the body with the transformation of patterns in the emotional-mental realm. 

We offer comprehensive teacher trainings and retreats that are internationally accredited and prepare students for a thriving practice — all while fostering practical tools to transform our lives from within.

The 3 Pillars of Applied Somatics

Anatomy Research

and Applied Somatics

Our programs rest on decades of collaborative research. Based on a clear foundation in anatomy study, our somatic practices provide a method to understand your subconscious through the body. 

Somatic Dreamtime and  Intuition

As somatic awareness develops in the body, it creates a bridge to develop somatic intuition which encompasses our emotional, mental & transpersonal patterns.  Transformation in the body becomes the foundation for inner shifts.

Pedagogy and Facilitation Skills

Our method is structured, open-source and constantly expanding. Students learn to create a strong container that follows best practices in facilitation and taps into group dynamics effectively and mindfully. 

Independent International accreditation:

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Step into grounding and embodied wisdom.


Join our upcoming programs:

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Somatic Breathflow®
Facilitator Training

Experience breath as a full-body gesture rooted in embodied anatomy.


Through body-informed breath that transforms hidden patterns, we expand what is possible for us in our health, our relationships and our life vision.

January 2024

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Nervous System Balancing & Fascia Repatterning Facilitator Training

6-week guided online training in Nervous System Balancing & Fascia Anatomy Work  

Reclaim the power of slow anatomy- based movement to reset your nervous system and repattern body memory.

April / May 2024

Our team's work has been featured in:

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