What have we done?

The Becomebecome network is spread across a growing number of countries, and each collaborator brings with their cultural background a unique set of skills and sensibility that is key to the success of our events. Our approach is highly flexible and our propositions extend from 1-day actions to multi-day full-immersive projects. We develop research and measure it against the accomplishments of our colleagues during international symposiums.

We test the real possibilities of our ideas during workshops, masterclasses and other events. 

All Becomebecome projects are built on a process-based methodology and promote the idea that there is a unique quality of experience that is possible to access because of group-dynamics and peer-to-peer learning. From short presentations to focused labs we strive to advance a broad range of actions designed to create a space where syncretism allows to reach beyond what is possible to achieve as artists or researchers operating in the comfort of our daily routines.

Who were our participants?

Our participants come from a very broad variety of backgrounds, including researchers, entrepreneurs, artists (both established and emerging), curators, professors, and designers. The unique synergies that were triggered during the Becomebecome allowed each participant to emerge with a transformed perspective on their project, their practice and even their professional trajectory.

Which setting have we worked in?

We have held our events in both rural and urban settings, capitalising on the local knowledge and energy available in each place. Using a flexible and nomadic model, we have tailored our projects to include the characteristics of each place in a natural and beneficial way. 

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