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Art, Research, and the Body-Mind Connection

Kinetic Routines

One of the constitutive elements of  Becomebecome programs​ is a focus on body techniques that enhance the participants' creative process and wellness.

We approach the human body as a system of interacting dynamic structures that can be engaged and shifted to create the possibility for new insight. There is a quality of information about experience that is only possible to access because of movement. 

Becomebecome Kinetic Routines can be defined as physical movement sequences designed to release mental blockages. A key concept of the Becomebecome approach is bypassing mental resistance to new ideas by transforming physical patterns  in the body of the observer-participant. The core of the Becomebecome Kinetic Routines is based on a Somatics approach to subcosncious and hidden patterns in the physical body. Our movement and interaction strategies are rooted in scientific research in anatomy, physiotherapy, psychology, alternative medicine, wellness, and the performing arts.

transformation that takes place at the level of the physical body can open new possibilities in the cognitive space. After experiencing a  session, participants find new insight to advance their art project or look at their research topic in new ways. Oftentimes they continue using the routines on their own for continued inspiration and wellness. 

All activities selected for our events are designed to harmoniously reinforce each other at different temporal scales.

Becomebecome Kinetic Routines  present a unique opportunity to explore how the

The physical exercises proposed during the Becomebecome Kinetic Routines thus integrate  a larger innovation process that includes Becomebecome Intuitive Journeys, Becomebecome Critique Labs, and/or other activities scheduled within our multi-day events.

Our kinetic sessions are available to people of all ages and levels of fitness. They are simple, safe, and led by certified teachers. All that is needed to participate is the willingness to explore new movements.

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