Art, Research, and the Body-Mind Connection


One of the constitutive elements of  BecomeBecome programmes​ is a focus on body techniques that enhance the creative process and the wellness of the participants.

All bodywork sessions are simple, safe and led by certified teachers. All that is needed is the willingness to explore new movements.

 We approach the human body as a system made of interacting dynamic structures that can be engaged and shifted to create the possibility for new insight.  There is a quality of information about experience that is only possible to access because of movement. 

Becomebecome Kinetic Routines combine physical mouvement sequences to open up space for innovation by creating a relaxing environment and bypassing typical mental resistance that so often prevent insight and new ideas. They create a setting that promotes experiences of  trust, discovery, and surprise, using information about movement that is experienced through the body. Our original propositions are developed with movement and interaction protocols based on scientific research on anatomy, physiotherapy, psychology, and well-established traditions of alternative medicine, wellness, and the performing arts.

Our careful selection of exercises lead the participants from the movement  that begins during the workshop to the larger movement that continues beyond the duration of the Becomebecome event.

transformation that takes place at the level of the physical body can open new possibilities in the cognitive space. Participants in the BKR sessions report that they were inspired to change their art project or look at their research topic in new ways. Oftentimes they continue using the BKRs  sequences on their own. 

 All activities selected for our events are designed to harmoniously reinforce the transdisciplinary composition designed for

the overall Becomebecome event. 

Becomebecome Kinetic Routines (BKR) present a unique opportunity to explore how the

The physical exercises proposed during the Becomebecome Kinetic Routines thus integrate  the larger innovation process that

unfolds as participants advance their projects to the next level.