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A New Approach

Nomadic residencies for artists and researchers

Becomebecome non-profit programmes combine transdisciplinary residencies, exhibitions, creative incubators and art immersion in local communities. Our process-based approach to learning, knowledge, and creativity is syncretic because is combines different beliefs, practices and schools of thought. It is holistic because it integrates information that kindles the rational mind in a space that includes other aspects of the personality of the participants in each project.

We propose embodied intuition and movement-based exercises to activate the intelligence of the body. We use Somatic Dreamtime to access transpersonal information from the subconscious and integrate it to our creative practice. We research Cybernetics and Cognitive Science to advance innovation and creativity beyond repetitive behavioural and psychological patterns. 

Our projects are always collaborative and include experts from various fields recruited for each unique Becomebecome event.

We are particularly committed to including the following elements in our events:

  • An original cross-sector collaboration between academia, the art sector, local organisations, and social entrepreneurs. This creates positive outcome for the participants and the community where Becomebecome takes place. 

  • A process-based, fluid, evolving and adaptable model that leverages scientific research and empirical evidence

  • A holistic peer-to-peer learning methodology based on group-dynamics and original exercises.

  • Connecting individuals and institutions from different Countries to transform cultural prejudice while capitalising on local talent and unique regional heritage.

  • Becomebecome events initiate a process for the creation of new knowledge that can continue beyond the period when the events take place.

Through our original approach and multiplier events, we strive to distribute the tools and language necessary for each participant to develop new becomebecome events with their own original ideas.

The fundamental principles that underpin the Becomebecome approach are explained in the Ph-D. thesis:



A transdisciplinary methodology based on information about the observer








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