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The Becomebecome non-profit residencies and programs were established by artists and researchers who wanted to propose a model for knowledge exchange and creative practice that goes beyond conventional boundaries associated to the roles of mentors, participants, and organizations.


Established in Barcelona, Spain, and organizing events all over the world, Asosiación Becomebecome is a non-profit that embraces innovative and continuously evolving modalities to provide participants with new instruments of awareness and new insight about their projects. Our events are inherently flexible and take into account changing circumstances and settings. The repertoire of activities and knowledge references that characterise each project also expand the overarching methodology.


Our nomadic approach leverages peer-to-peer learning and group-dynamics to transform differences between individuals into unique collaboration opportunities for new and ongoing projects in art & science.  Information about observer-participants and their projects is transformed and enhanced through a continuously expanding range of activities which generate new ideas while remaining simple to execute and playful to perform.

The essential components of the Becomebecome methodology are established in a Ph.D. thesis  developed by our core team at the Planetary Collegium, CAiiA, University of Plymouth. Our open-source approach has allowed the Becomebecome methodology to grow with the feedback of observer-participants from more than 30 different countries.

Becomebecome has a threefold purpose: providing a trans-disciplinary project incubator, establishing a participant-driven learning model that can be continued and replicated after each event, and transcending differences between social actors by inviting them to converge outside of their conventional spheres of influence.


Leaving behind the paradigm of subject-oriented and passive knowledge exchange, Becomebecome creates a shift from a competitive to a collaborative education model that promotes a dynamic process for innovation and crowd-sourcing of information, ideas, and initiatives.

Our Story

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