The Becomebecome non-profit residencies and programs were established by artists and researchers who wanted to propose a model for knowledge exchange and creative practice that goes beyond conventional boundaries associated to the roles of mentors, participants and organizations.


Established in Barcelona, Spain, and organizing programs all over the world, Becomebecome embraces innovative and continuously evolving modalities that trigger new awareness. Our projects are inherently flexible propositions and take into account changing circumstances and settings, which in turn actively inform the overarching theme for each event.


Our nomadic methodology leverages peer-to-peer learning and group-dynamics to transform differences between participants into unique collaboration opportunities for ongoing projects in arts and science.

This core idea has proven powerful, and participants from more than 30 different countries have already contributed to the program.


Becomebecome serves a threefold purpose by providing a trans-disciplinary project incubator, establishing a participant-driven learning model that can be continued and replicated after the event, and transcending differences between social actors by inviting them to converge outside of their conventional spheres of influence.


Leaving behind the paradigm of subject-oriented and passive knowledge exchange, Becomebecome creates a shift from the competitive to a collaborative education model that promotes a process of crowd-sourcing for information, ideas and initiatives.

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