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16 - 22 December 2018 - Barcelona

Theater of the Senses -

Art as an Immersive Journey 

A BecomeBecome Art Residency and Exhibition




Becomebecome invites artists, curators, and researchers of all disciplines to apply for its 5th nomadic residency and exhibition program taking place in the magical city of Barcelona, Spain. In collaboration with Enrique Vargas, director of the ground-breaking theater company Teatro de Los Sentidos (Theater of the Senses), we will spend a week learning about, creating and experiencing the transformational power of immersive art. 

This residency and process exhibit investigates practical approaches to the theme Art as an Immersive Journey. Based on the Teatro de Los Sentidos Methodology and the BecomeBecome approach to trans-disciplinary work, this open call invites participants of all backgrounds to join..


What does it mean to connect with our body and the senses?


How can we move away from stagnated ways of making and exhibiting art and embrace innovative approaches?

In which ways can we engage the ludic impulse, the playful nature, and allow it to influence our work as artists?


How can we place the viewer as the key protagonist of the work, creating a space where their personal experience takes center stage?

Where can we find a meeting ground of contemporary art and visual poetry?

How can the archetypes that theater builds on enrich the contemporary art practice?


These are just some of the questions we will engage with as we exchange, play and exhibit the work together in a transdisciplinary space in Barcelona.

About the Program

Art as an Immersive Journey is conceived as a micro-residency whose primary goal is the investigation of new approaches to art, transformation of the artists' projects and transdisciplinary labs.

During the first half of the program, we will engage in exercises that provide valuable feedback for our art practice while presenting a specific methodology to engage play and synchrnocity in the process of art making. This will include workshops with Enrique and BecomeBecome facilitators. Combining 20+ experience in immersive theater and installation with the transdisciplinary methodology of BecomeBecome, this residency promises to be a unique opportunity for all makers with an interest in the topics presented.

At the end of our time together, we will hold a process-exhibit of our the participants work that builds on the labyrinth-like structure that characterises the productions of Teatro de Los Sentidos.


Who Can Apply?

Artists, curators and researchers from all backgrounds are invited to participate in the open call. The diversity of participants in previous events has created fresh outlooks, exceptional work, and brilliant insight. As we look towards future projects, our vision is to continue building on the unique synergies created during the residency at this powerful location.


To apply, send the following information to

​       - A statement about the project you wish to work on (max. 280 words)

       - A bio (max. 180 words)

       - A web link to your art work or research (if available)

How is the residency funded?

BecomeBecome is a non-profit network of individuals and social actors that host nomadic residencies across Europe and beyond. Our strategy is to keep costs to a minimum while sharing the resources of partners who sponsor, promote and provide a platform for important parts of the residency. We keep our open call free of charge and participants contribute a fee only once they have been admitted to ensure that the basic expenses can be covered.

The contribution to the residency including all labs and the exhibit is 360€. We will be happy to provide insight and advice regarding accommodation, and can offer a limited number of accommodations free of charge for confirmed artists.


on the 15th of December

PROCESS EXHIBIT on 22nd December


24th of November 2018, midnight



Early application strongly advised. 

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